Monday, 28 November 2016

Conference with Pastors and Leaders.

Conference with Pastors  and Leaders.
Jesus Christ is the wonderful Mighty living  God and He is the Creator of all.  He is always waiting to do miracles and wonders to His people who are in distress.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the power of God and He is the Love of God .  He is the Mighty Saviour and the good Shepherd  . Power is given  to us  in the Holy Spirit  to cast out Devils ,to cure  the sickness and to do Miracles and wonders in Jesus Mighty  Name .

Jesus said "Believe Me  and follow Me .you will see the glory of God.Do not go to the world without Holy Spirit .After filled with the Holy Spirit ,you go to the world to save the Souls and cast out the  Devils and  to do miracles and wonders in My Mighty Name.Do not fear !go to the world in My Name to preach the Gospel to the poor."

Bro.Jesus Padam  is praying  in the middle

Bro,Jesus Padam kancharla,
Vystnavi nager 2nd line
H no- -   1-7-7/5
Guntur {Dist},AP,India.Cell no-9494539574.   

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