Saturday, 24 September 2016

our Home in Jesus and our temple is in Jesus Christ

              The Pentecost church prayer hall will be constructed to catch the souls in AP, India .


,It is the vision and prophecy in our prayers to prepare the Gods Mighty victorious Army strong.

Dear Friends in Jesus ,please pray for the  church site  and  big    prayer Hall in Ponnur .

Dear Brothers and Sisters ,"Do  not give your food to the Goats {Sinners}. The Children of Devil {False Pastors and False Missionaries}they are searching for  Money and they are doing dreadful Sin.{  Habakkuk  1 :14--17}
Jesus said "Feed My Lambs and feed  My Sheep and take care ".
 Jesus said "Go to the world to preach the Gospel to the poor and build the Kingdom of God in my Name"
Please pray for me and my Family because we are living by Faith in Jesus.
***************************************************  Please pray and  send your small Gift in Jesus  for the church  Site on which  big Christian community Gospel  Hall will be constructed  in Ponnur. {Matthew 10 :42 } .

It is the will of God to prepare the Gd's Mighty Army.Please pray and help .

Behold! Jesus Christ is coming soon with the clouds ,and every eye will see Him and they also who pierced Him.And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him .Even so,Amen.

we are praying for the  Church prayer Hall .
Praise the Lord Jesus.

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The Lord Jesus Christ is the good Shepherd  and Mighty Saviour .Plenty and sufficient food is given to us  in Jesus Mighty Name